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How is VRS different from a traditional rental or property management company?

There are several differences between VRS and a traditional rental management company. Because of our affordable fixed monthly fee structure, VRS’ cost to you is a fraction of the traditional rental management company. Additionally, because we are focused on serving you, and not a portfolio of properties that generates revenue for us on commissions, we avoid the natural conflict of the traditional rental management model. There is an inherent conflict embedded in the way vacation properties have been traditionally rented whereby the rental company is torn between meeting the demands of the guest in order to generate repeat rentals for the rental management company and satisfying the needs of the owner to retain the maximum portion of the rental income.

How much does this actually cost?

Business Services and Local Services are $150 per month, per bedroom. Additional rooms such as billiard rooms or home theaters are an additional $95 per month. We provide Tax Compliance for $75 per month. You may choose to use VRS for services outside of the standard services plans for which you may incur additional charges.

How we do this for one low fixed monthly price?

Our organizational structure and business model allows us to leverage operational and technological efficiencies. The cost savings associated with these efficiencies are then passed through to our customers. You can realize these savings by choosing the service plans that fit your unique needs or combining them all as a very affordable full-service solution.

Am I locked into a contract if I sign up with VRS?

Owners enter into a detailed one-year renewing contract with VRS that details the services to be provided by VRS. This ensures there is no confusion about the services to be provided. Either party, with reasonable written notice, may cancel the contract at any time.

How does Business Services work?

Through our Business Services plan we will systematically apply proven sales techniques designed to increase the rental of your property. This can be through an increase in the daily rate or in the occupancy, based upon your preferences and financial goals. If your goals are to occasionally rent your property at a higher daily rate, then we balance occupancy using rates. If your goals are to maintain high property occupancy, then we work with you to find a balance of pricing that drives higher occupancy. Ultimately this is your preference, and VRS continues to work for you at the same low, fixed monthly fee. In all cases we promptly respond to rental request inquiries. It is our stated policy to reply to all rental inquiries both by email and telephone within 30 minutes of receiving such request.

Can I buy the Book IT! Website as a separate service?

No. The BookIT! Website has been developed for our Business Services clients only.

Can I continue to manage the rental of my property if I contract with VRS?

Yes, you can choose any combination of the service packages offered by VRS. You can continue to manage the rental of your vacation property or even engage VRS to manage tax compliance with state and local regulations and also provide essential property management services.

If guests have questions?

With our Local Service plan, we are available 24/7 to assist you with any guest issues. If you select to add the “Hands Free” feature to your Local Services plan, the guest will be given a VRS 24-hour hotline number. The guest will be able to contact us directly with any questions or concerns. As calls are received, we will determine if the call is an emergency in which case we will contact the necessary parties and notify you. If it is not an emergency, we will contact you and proceed based on your instructions.

How often is my property checked with Local Services?

When the VRS Services Agreement is executed, the VRS local affiliate will perform an initial audit of the property to determine the property’s rental readiness. This will include an audit of amenities, appliances, furnishings, supplies and complete guest instruction package as well as the condition of the property. The property audit will be performed semi-annually. Additionally, with each guest visit, a pre-arrival and a post-departure inspection will be performed.

How will I know if an inspection has been performed?

Upon the completion of each inspection we will email you a copy of the inspection report along with a list of recommendations. If any damage is found with the post-departure inspection, such damage will be documented and photographed and emailed to you with the report.

Can I customize the checklist for my property?

Careful consideration was given to the creation of the checklists. While this has resulted in very detailed and thorough checklists, we recognize that some modifications may be required based on the unique characteristics of a particular property. Reasonable modifications can be made to the checklists at your request.

Will VRS allow me to keep my existing housekeeper and/or handyman?

Yes, we have preferred contractors in each market that we can recommend to fulfill your housekeeping and maintenance needs, however we will be happy to work in cooperation with your existing housekeeper or maintenance personnel as long as the services provided meet our standards and timelines to ensure guest satisfaction.

Who is my contact with VRS?

We want to encourage strong and friendly relationships with your local VRS affiliate, in addition you can always contact the VRS office. A complete list of contact details will be provided for your convenience.

What services does VRS provide when my family, my friends or I are staying at the property?

We provide the same Local Services and attention to detail for ALL guests.

How will repairs to my property be handled by VRS?

With your approval, VRS will coordinate and monitor repairs for a service coordination fee of 15% of actual cost of the repair. This fee will only be charged if you direct us to handle the repair. You are in complete control of the amount of expenses incurred for repairs.

How will I be billed by VRS?

Upon execution of the VRS Services Agreement you will be asked to select to pay by credit card, debit card, a check or direct account debit. Your selected method of payment will be charged on the 1st day of each month for the fixed monthly fee. For approved additional expenses, you will be charged on the 20th of each month.

Are there any additional fees when I begin services with VRS?

There is a $275 start-up fee for each service (Business Services, Local Services and Tax Services). There is a 10% discount applied for new clients who select all three services upon start-up.

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