Local Services

Our Local Market Affiliate is There When You Can’t Be to Ensure the Ongoing Quality and Readiness of Your Rental

Avoid Hassles: Ensure Your Property is Always Ready

We take care of the in-market supervision and management of your vacation rental in addition to guest management when needed.

Local Services is a very affordable way for owners who enjoy the daily business management of their vacation rental but want an affordable and local affiliate to manage the asset and guest experience without paying a commission. We’re there when you can’t be to ensure the integrity of every guest experience by covering the local property management details that ensure overall owner and guest satisfaction.

Vacation Rental Local Service Offerings:

  • Property Audit: We start by taking an inventory of the property and document the full requirements for VRS client satisfaction. Thereafter the property is annually audited.
  • Audit Recommendations: Based on the audit results, VRS makes recommendations on fulfillment and pricing of these requirements.
  • Guest Arrival Inspection: Prior to a guest’s arrival, VRS will inspect your property to ensure it is “rental-ready.” VRS will take immediate corrective action to address easily resolved items and will contact you if it is necessary to incur cost in excess of amount stipulated in the management agreement. We ensure that amenity inventory is properly stocked in preparation for guest arrivals. Whatever the situation, VRS will be available to assist you in ensuring your property is “rental ready.”
  • Guest Departure Inspection: After a guest’s departure, VRS will inspect your property. Any damage or missing inventory will be documented and reported to you.
  • Guest Calendar Monitoring: VRS will monitor guest bookings to ensure your property is ready for guest arrival and properly cleaned after a guest’s departure.
  • Maintenance and Repair Management: VRS is available to track and manage all maintenance and service providers; schedules bid-requests, project management and work completion as needed and approved. Additional fees may apply.
  • 24/7 Emergency Service: VRS provides 24/7 service support as the first point of contact in the event of a guest emergency.
  • Secure Access: VRS provides secure guest access by using numeric or alpha lockboxes and will conduct a security walk-through together with the owner to make sure that the highest levels of protection are achieved. We document ways to avoid high utility costs and how to reduce water, fire and safety threats.
  • Inventory Audit: Twice a year, VRS will audit amenity inventory levels to make sure inventory levels match the recurring needs of each property.

**Monthly service costs only. Direct fees apply for hourly housekeeping and maintenance, service calls, and inventory replenishment.

Vacation Rental Local Service Pricing (Fixed Monthly Price):

  • One Bedroom: $150
  • Two Bedroom: $300
  • Three Bedroom: $450
  • Four Bedroom: $600
  • Five Bedrooms +: $750

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